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About Saint Peter’s

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a safe, healing atmosphere for 15-19-year-olds who have experienced trauma and cannot live with their families for a variety of reasons. We pride ourselves on delivering specialized daily care to youth with moderate emotional and behavioral needs. We support an environment that is inclusive, affirming, and non-judgmental. Utilizing the Nurtured Heart Approach® and Six Core Strategies for Reducing Seclusion and Restraint©, our team strives to instill confidence, competence, compassion, respect, personal accountability, and self-reliance. When youth are ready to leave us, our hope is that we have prepared them to have healthy relationships, lead fulfilling lives, successfully navigate challenges and take advantage of opportunities. Being equipped with these protective factors will increase their chances of breaking cycles of poverty, substance abuse, domestic violence, illegal activity, learned helplessness and other unhealthy patterns of behavior.

The Residential Program
St. Peter’s Orphanage offers a residential treatment program for young men (aged 15-19), with mild to moderate emotional, behavioral, social and/or learning problems. The New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) refers all placements. St. Peter’s philosophy is to provide specialized care, including on-site therapeutic counseling, designed to prepare the boys to become productive and self-sustaining citizens, while maintaining a warm and supportive, family-like atmosphere.

St. Peter’s maintains four vehicles to transport the children to a variety of parks and recreational facilities easily accessible from St. Peter’s Orphanage’s. In the summer, the young men often spend their free time at the on-site, outdoor pool, basketball court, and baseball field. Field trips such as canoeing, hiking, cultural events and amusement parks are also planned for their education and entertainment.

The young men of St. Peter’s attend parochial, public, private or special education schools. Their formal education is supplemented by study time and reading sessions, which are supervised by qualified staff and volunteers.

The educational opportunities available to the young men do not end at the High School level. An education fund has been established at the Orphanage for any young man with the ability, determination, and desire to further his education. Donations are accepted towards this educational fund.

St. Peter’s Orphanage is funded by the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency, through sources of private support and from public donations.

Public Participation
Public participation directly with the young men is encouraged through the Orphanages’ Volunteer Program. Through the Volunteer Program community members are able to assist the young men develop their reading and study skills.

With an on-site staff including an Executive Director, Administrators, Nurse, Mental Health Clinicians, and other professional consultants. St. Peter's Orphanage is uniquely qualified to offer a wide range of therapeutic services, and a significant level of personal attention. We are proud to have some of the most committed staff available; many have been here in excess of 15 years.